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About AZ Textiles

With a legacy spanning over three decades, AZ Textiles was established in 1988, bringing 36 years of unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Karachi, Pakistan, we stand as the largest exporter of towels and tote bags, weaving a story of excellence and innovation.

Crafting Excellence, Stitch by Stitch:

With a workforce of over 500 skilled artisans, AZ Textiles is more than a manufacturer – we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to creating textile products that transcend boundaries. From the intricacies of yarn creation to the rhythm of our loom machines, each step in our process is a celebration of craftsmanship and precision.

Skilled Artisans

Inside Our Workshop

Unveil the artistry behind AZ Textiles with an exclusive look inside our bustling workshop. Immerse yourself in the heart of our production process, where craftsmanship meets innovation.


At AZ Textiles, we specialize in manufacturing a diverse range of textile products, including towels, tote bags, aprons, and bandannas. Each product is crafted with precision and quality.

AZ Textiles was established in 1988, bringing over 36 years of expertise and commitment to the textile industry.

AZ Textiles distinguishes itself through vertical integration, producing its own yarn and fabric. Our commitment to sustainability, certified by Sedex Audit, WRAP, Global Recycled Standard, and Global Organic Textile Standard, further sets us apart.

Currently, we do not offer public tours of our manufacturing facilities. However, we invite you to explore our production process through our video showcase on the Home Page.

Absolutely! We proudly offer global shipping services. For inquiries about international orders, please visit our Global Reach page or contact us directly.

AZ Textiles is committed to sustainability. Our practices include responsible sourcing, eco-friendly manufacturing, and adherence to the highest global standards. Learn more on our Sustainability page.